How To Look Your Best When Going Out On A Date

How To Look Your Best When Going Out On A Date

At last, it is the day to hook up with your newly found love for a date. This is not any other meeting with a casual friend but a formal date with someone special. Maybe you have waited for long, but now that he has got the guts to ask you out, then you need to shine and rock. Whether your date has asked you to go to the theater and watch the korean mobsters or wish to take you for dinner, dressing to your best will enhance the moment. This article will highlight how to look your best when going out on a date.

How to look your best when going out on a date

Put on the best dress

The dress you wear is your power. It will give you the confidence to play along with the moment and have nothing to lower your esteem. Most ladies pick their date dresses selectively for a reason. If you know the theme of the evening, keep to it so as to avoid being the odd one out. Whatever type of dress that doubles your boldness, go for it.

Put on the best dress

Wear stylish but comfortable shoes

Shoes can really be a ‘pull back’ when it comes to dates. Do not exaggerate the heels or copy your friends. That is not the only definition of stylish shoes for a date. Rather, go for style and comfort so that you can maintain your ‘cool’ all through the date. Some ladies have to look for some other options in shoes in the middle of the date since the ones they have are not bearable anymore.

Wear cool but bold fragrance

In most cases, the perfume defines the character. It adds to the confidence and attracts your date to remain glued to you all through. However, it could also be the one to end things prematurely if it is irritating, shouting and one that causes allergies. Select the perfume with care since it will be your protector throughout the date.

Be yourself

Pretending to be someone else will not last for long. Most people lose it somewhere along the way which is bad. However, remaining yourself will allow your date to learn you and appreciate who you are. It will also give you more time to appreciate them. Natural character brings humor, free flow chat and more so, showing off your true natural colors.


Whether it is your first date or not, the above tips will help any lady to enjoy the moment and give their dates a better opportunity to appreciate them. However, you should also be careful when going on a date for the first time. You should also not get too excited and rush to the meeting place so as to avoid car accident like what happened to geoff downes daughter.