Fashion ideas for men in 2017

Fashion ideas for men in 2017

Fashion keeps changing every day. However, most men find it difficult to keep up with these dynamics. You get borrow some ideas from john mayer born and raised poster that will see you become better. That said, this article presents some fundamental fashion ideas for modern men.

Buy fitting clothes

Fashion ideas

If you want to look fashionable and smart, do not think of buying buggy clothes. This is because such clothes make you look old. When shopping for clothes ensure you buy an attire that suits your body size. Also, you have to make sure that it suits your body shape. If you are huge, consider buying clothes do not display much of your body.

Keep it simple

This is another tip for any man who would wish to keep abreast with fashion changes this year. To look stylish, bear in mind that it all starts from the looks. As much as your wardrobe may be having clothes of different shades, always try not to put on clothes with many shades at a go. You can decide to put one color or match two or three colors. If you are the type that put on bling, try to stick to one color.

Know which style is good for you

This is one of the greatest things to do if you want to keep abreast with changes in fashion. Knowing your taste will allow you make a decision on which fashion trend to follow. Get to know which clothes fit your body size and shape. Do not copy what others are putting on. For instance, if skinny jeans do look good on you, you can consider buying the latest skinny jeans designs.

Buy classic shoes

Buy classic shoesWith proper clothing and a bad pair of shoe, you can never achieve a perfect look. The shoes you have should match with a majority of your clothes. Always go for classic shapes and colors. Some of the classic shoe types include loafers and brogues. These type of shoes always look stylish. With this, you can be confident that you will always have something to put on. Lastly, it is better to have a quality pair of shoe other than having many that are not so good.

Have a few key pieces

Having one or two major pieces of clothes can help you look trendy all year round. Your wardrobe should not miss a fitting black trouser and a white shirt. Also, during the cold seasons, you can try out a blue or a red bandana around your neck. More to this, have at least one statement coat or jacket.


How To Look Your Best When Going Out On A Date

How To Look Your Best When Going Out On A Date

At last, it is the day to hook up with your newly found love for a date. This is not any other meeting with a casual friend but a formal date with someone special. Maybe you have waited for long, but now that he has got the guts to ask you out, then you need to shine and rock. Whether your date has asked you to go to the theater and watch the korean mobsters or wish to take you for dinner, dressing to your best will enhance the moment. This article will highlight how to look your best when going out on a date.

How to look your best when going out on a date

Put on the best dress

The dress you wear is your power. It will give you the confidence to play along with the moment and have nothing to lower your esteem. Most ladies pick their date dresses selectively for a reason. If you know the theme of the evening, keep to it so as to avoid being the odd one out. Whatever type of dress that doubles your boldness, go for it.

Put on the best dress

Wear stylish but comfortable shoes

Shoes can really be a ‘pull back’ when it comes to dates. Do not exaggerate the heels or copy your friends. That is not the only definition of stylish shoes for a date. Rather, go for style and comfort so that you can maintain your ‘cool’ all through the date. Some ladies have to look for some other options in shoes in the middle of the date since the ones they have are not bearable anymore.

Wear cool but bold fragrance

In most cases, the perfume defines the character. It adds to the confidence and attracts your date to remain glued to you all through. However, it could also be the one to end things prematurely if it is irritating, shouting and one that causes allergies. Select the perfume with care since it will be your protector throughout the date.

Be yourself

Pretending to be someone else will not last for long. Most people lose it somewhere along the way which is bad. However, remaining yourself will allow your date to learn you and appreciate who you are. It will also give you more time to appreciate them. Natural character brings humor, free flow chat and more so, showing off your true natural colors.


Whether it is your first date or not, the above tips will help any lady to enjoy the moment and give their dates a better opportunity to appreciate them. However, you should also be careful when going on a date for the first time. You should also not get too excited and rush to the meeting place so as to avoid car accident like what happened to geoff downes daughter.

Benefits Of Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Benefits Of Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes from time to time is important. This article will give you benefits of cleaning them from time to time.

Why clean makeup brushes

Prevents breakouts

Makeup brushes are dirty; they carry bacteria and germs. Applying makeup with them means spreading germs and bacteria all over the face. This results to blockage of pores. With blocked pores, the skin does not breathe properly. This is what leads to breakouts. The brush carry bacteria that lead to the development of pimples.

You save money

 Cleaning Makeup BrushesIf you are experienced in makeup things, you are aware that quality makeup brushes are not cheap. Buying them from time to time is not easy. Cleaning the brushes is one way of increasing their lifespan. Keeping them dirty means they will not last longer and will be forced to go back to the stores again and again. That money could be saved for other important things.

High-quality makeup

We apply makeup to look good. It is unfortunate that with the wrong makeup brushes you will never look good. You will always get poor and rough applications. In most cases dirty makeup brushes will change the color of your makeup hence the end results will be ugly. It is the simple things we do when applying makeup that bring great change.

Makes work easy

A clean makeup brush is like a lubricated device; it becomes very easy to use . It becomes easy to apply makeup. They as well enable you to get quality results because you are working with quality and clean tools. You will not have to apply and clean makeup again and again because the first application comes out perfect.

Protects your brushes

 Cleaning Makeup BrushesWe have already said that dirty makeup brushes wear out fast. It is also true that they are at risk of viral and bacterial infections. Bugs love dirty places; you will not be surprised to meet some on your dirty brushes. This will negatively affect your face. If you run a beauty shop and you have such kind of brushes, you are at a great risk of losing customers. Some clients can as well go ahead and sue you for damaging their skin.

How To Buy A Watch Band?

How To Buy A Watch Band?

All watches consist of two major parts. The head and the band. buying a watch especially if you are buying it for the first time or you are buying for someone is not an easy task. At times, you will find that you like the head of the watch, but the bands are nothing close to what you are looking for. This is a major reason as to why watch hunting is difficult. The good news is, you can replace the watch bands to what you want. In other cases, you might have loved the bands, but over time they break giving the watch old and tattered look. You do not need to throw away the head; you can get new straps and give your watch a new look. To get tips on how to buy watch bands read on.

How to buy watch bands

Different designs

A Watch BandWatch bands are manufactured in different materials, colors, sizes and looks. Did you know that some watch bands are waterproof? Such are ideal for watches to be worn in swimming pools and the ocean. Of course, they have to be used on waterproof watches. Another good type of bands is that which is made of leather. Many people prefer this type. Common leather materials include ostrich, cow leather, and alligator. Different people will choose different types of leather and of course, will match with different outfits.

Several bands

You can decide to buy a variety of bands for the same watch. This makes it possible to get a new look through replacing the watch bands. It is possible to change the look of your watch to meet several occasions or outfit. This is a good way to save and appear trendy and classy at the same time.


A Watch BandQuality is one thing you must never compromise when buying a new band. There is no need of buying poor quality bands because you will be forced to buy new ones after a short period. Research for the best-selling watch bands in the market. Make sure that the bands fit other watch brands as well. With proper research and consultation, you will be able to get the best quality bands that will serve longer.